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Cannon Pointe Loop

Salt Lake City·Updated
2.4 mi
Elevation Gain
740 ft
Leash laws

This 2.4-mile loop close to the interstate and Parley's Canyon is great for days when you want to quickly exercise your dog without spending much time driving to the trailhead. If you're willing to put up with the noise from cars whizzing by on the freeway, you'll see beautiful views of the Foothills and Wasatch Mountains along the way.

Getting there

The trailhead is located in a residential neighborhood at a cul-de-sac along Benchmark Drive. There are gates with a sign prohibiting driving further S Cannon Pt Dr. You will, however, take this road back on foot back to the trailhead to complete the loop. Please be respectful of the neighborhood and pick up all dog poop to ensure access in the future.



High: 41° Low: 34°









US Air Quality Index (AQI)

27 AQI


What you'll see

Cannon Pointe Loop Trailhead
The trailhead
Sign at the Cannon Pointe Loop Trailhead preventing vehicular access to the public.
Sign prohibiting further driving along S Cannon Pt Dr to the public
At the end of the trailed gully of the Cannon Pointe Loop
Dog standing on Cannon Pointe Loop Trail and looking at the mountains.
Most of the trail weaves in and out.
View of Wasatch Mountains from the Cannon Pointe Loop
Wonderful views of the Foothills and Wasatch Mountains.
Wrapping Cannon Pointe Loop
Looking up at higher foothills on Cannon Pointe Loop
Golden Retriever rolling in the snow along the Cannon Pointe Loop
Zipper having the time of his life in the snow
Cannon Pointe Loop Trail going beside rocks
Cannon Pointe Loop Trail going toward the Wasatch Mountains.
Heading back toward the Cannon Pointe Loop Trailhead with a sign pointing the way
Heading back to the trailhead
View of interstate along the Cannon Pointe Loop Trail
Take S Cannon Pt Dr back to the trailhead at the cul-de-sac.